The group of companies, all in beauty, is the only active brand in Greece which deals with commerce of cosmetics, toiletries, stationery, detergents
and household products. The company has shown aggressive and dynamic growth over last year in times of economic recession across Europe.

Today our chain consists of the central company which distributes the goods at six shops, two of which are located in Thessaloniki, four in Athens.
Due to state legislature, the leadership has created each store as a different company with its own VAT number but all of them follow the policy of
central administration.

All in beauty have managed to make a good reputation not only by being advertised through the Internet, social media and any other way
(magazines, leaflets, sponsorships) but also via communication among customers who spread each to another that in all in beauty there are the best
combination between the lowest prices and high quality of products

The comparative advantage of the company has to do with the fact that the products are being recognized by the customers as ‘value for money’
owing to discount pricing strategy over brand-name products, so it is something that makes the group non-competitive and has built unbreakable
loyalty with the customers.

Last but not least, it is very crucial that the group stands on its own capital without use of loans.